Million Dollar Idea

What would you do if a million dollar idea just popped in your head?

Would you shout it out to the world ….. run and hide or think of ways to allow it to happen.

Well that’s what happened to me yesterday as I sat under the dryer at my favourite salon.

I was pondering my new notion that it would be great to receive a million dollars a day. And I know that once a thought enters my pretty head…I am meant to find a way to make it happen. … Power of the laws of attraction.

But how exactly would that happen and what could I do (that’s legal) to receive one million dollars easily and effortlessly (cause that’s what it’s all about  now) on a daily basis.

Especially now since my life is an easy effortless streaming flow of great things happening me and to all great people all around me.

Since I had to spend well over 2 and a half hours under the dryer (yes that the time it takes to get beautiful curls in my gorgeous head)….. I had lots of time to allow these thoughts to come to me.

So in the last 20 minutes …. it hit me like a ton of bricks (soft bricks) … it all is about giving and receiving.

In that moment the idea came flooding through and in under 20 minutes … A power of thought was formed.

I love that it’s that easy…. and that’s what the world will learn

The teachers before me and the teachers after will all tell you the same message…. It all starts with a Vision or Thought of what you would like to have… then ask for a way to be made or shown to your… Hold Your Belief  – Strong….. Now the rest is up to my Actions to receive my wonderful results…

Now there are two ways this could all play out… I could just sit and continue to ponder what a wonderful idea that I was given by the powers that be…. or

Set My Intention to make this my new reality…

Your wish is my command ….. Your will be done….and so it is… AMEN

However you put it… I have decided to take this the next step further and make it happen.

It’s that simple…. The proof is in the pudding or in this case the millions of dollars received.

Stay posted for more as it’s already been written.

Let me know what ideas or visions you have passed up over your fears…. or

Even better yet share your stories that empowers someone else to take the bold leap to making their dreams come true….

Sweet dreams to all!!!!

Juliet F.


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