New Moon June 8 2013


New cycle New #Energy flow

As we enter this next phase we are reminded that all of creation comes from #Love

We are now in this strong energy pull ushering us in a more #synergetic connection to the very real truth of our being – “We are Love”

With that in mind enter your heart to consciously choose all that you desire that flows from your Love

The famous song says “All you need is Love” so if Love is who you are, then you need no- thing.

With that in mind, you can easily and effortlessly choose the best your Love can flow to you #Now and in all ways…

Love so simple yet complex..,.

Much Love to you all
Now Love On… 🙂

My Art of Allowing Expansion

I love having AhHa moments when my world feels so right. Today is definitely one of those days, even though this feeling has been more frequent, I
I’ve come to understanding about my creation abilities and I’m in love all over again.

I am excellent #creator and manifestor
I know I always get what I desire/want.

I’m now focused on being an excellent “Allower”

As in the words of song ” Don’t push don’t force it just #Relax and let it Flow”

I have so many wonderful things ideas and relationships that I’ve brought in to my “Zone/Home”.
I now choose to relax and allow my source to do what it does best and flow it to me with easy, effortless elegance.

I know I always get what I desire/want
It’s #easy
It’s #effortless
I’m abundant in #grace
I am patient

It’s simple
I always #Trust my source
I only take #InSpired action when I feel the knowing of inspiration.
I’m tuned-in, tapped-in and turned-on
It’s fun and exciting to go with my flow.

So for the next 2 weeks, you can join me on my tuning in while I tap-in and get turned on to my expanded “Art of Allowing”.

Much Love and Allowing to you all

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