Experience vs Drama or Peace vs Boredom

Can I live my life in my ‘Highest Excitement’ enjoying my experiences without the requirement of #Drama?

And can I still enjoy my life in a state of ‘Peace and Harmony’ without boredom creeping in?

I say YES to to both question. I now have a clear knowing and understanding that being the deliberate creator of my life affords me to experience the #Bliss of my life without getting bored or creating drama to experience the joy in my everyday.

My previous beliefs were…
‘Without pain there’s no gain’
Without sorrow and suffering I won’t appreciate the joys of peace.
Without lost I won’t understand gain.
Hard work returns great rewards.

Yes these are valid ways to learn what I don’t want ….
But and it’s a big B U T


What if from the onset of my creations I created joy, peace, harmony, bliss on all levels?

Would my appreciation be less by being in the consistent experience of Excitement and Peace?

My understanding now is that I am coming into a new awareness of the appreciation of where my focus is while being in my experience of what it is… making Drama and Boredom unnecessary factors in my life experience.

The truth is appreciation of the joy, love, peace, excitement and bliss I’m feeling in each moment, leaves little room for other energies to enter my experience.

Choosing better or creating what’s best can be born from a desire for an experience or  feeling of exploration… That’s how pain came into our knowing. It’s just as easy to make it all go away the same way it came.

Appreciating my knowing and the love that flows in my every day.

Much Love and Joy

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