Appreciation Monday

Yesterday we did Happy Dance Sunday. Today as you flow into your week, I invite you to join me in being in a state of appreciation for Joy that is your life. #AppreciationMonday

The more that you can focus on appreciating, the quicker and easier you will naturally receive more in your life to appreciate.

It’s the natural Laws of the Universe.
My life gets better naturally as I appreciate ease of my life, family, friends, home, jobs, ease of travel, people that flow to me and so much more… Living my life in a state-of-grace.

I’ve enjoy being in my state #Appreciation as it flows more naturally with steady increase.

There is so much life to be thankful and grateful for. My feelings of appreciation for my life grows with ease and grace.

Receive each moment in appreciation.

Here are a few images to get you started today.




Yes life is always like that.

Enjoy yours!!!

Simple Appreciation…

I invite you today to reflect by tuning into you and what you appreciate about your life and your world.

I have discovered the more I have an appreciation for my life, the more I receive to appreciate.

A simple act of appreciation goes beyond gratitude.

You can be grateful for many things but do truly appreciate those things.

Gratitude, like thank you are words without feeling

Appreciation, is the feeling you get about something:one that really matters to you. It’s like happiness, joy, love. It’s the feeling that takes you to the next level.

You can be grateful for the sun but do appreciate the heat it gives you.
Grateful for family but do appreciate them when they need you.
Grateful for air but do you take the moment to breathe in this free energy source and enjoy it

Take a moment today to Appreciate who you are and the world around you.

Give someone hug and let them know you appreciate them in your life.

Step out and connect to your gratitude and really feel your appreciation for the world in which you live….

It’s a simple process to feel appreciation and feeling it the core of your being, is like stopping and smelling the fragrance of a rose.

Being grateful for its beauty but going beyond by appreciating its fragrance takes you to another level of experience.

Simple Appreciation takes you a new depth of your experience.

Enjoy your day by stopping and smell your roses along the way.


Much Love and Joy

Summer Solstice Appreciation

In honour of the Summer Solstice, I wrote this poem in appreciation and gratitude for all whom I shared my journey with thus far and those still yet to arrive in my experience.

To all my Angels, Teachers, Gurus, Ascended Masters known and unknown

I am now a PowerFilled Creator

When I slipped and fell you extended your hand
You remembered to release me so that I may walk, run and then fly
I know you will always be by my side as my faithful and trusted guides
You have inspired me to be all I can Be
To follow my intuition with ease
To know my truth
To remember to enjoy my youth
And with all that in mind, I fly higher than I have ever been before now being able to experience so much more …
All my love to you who have reminded, to dare not hide embrace all I am…
I now power-up and enjoy my ride !!!


#Summer #Solstice #appreciation #Love #Gratitude #guides

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