The Power of Cruise Control

How many of you remember that your vehicle comes equipped with the wonderful feature of “Cruise Control”
Or better yet make use of this fabulous feature that comes standard with your vehicle of choice.

Well I didn’t remember, until a few years ago, when I was teaching my very intuitive son how to drive, he says ‘hey what’s this button… can I use it?’

I was then reminded of the Power of Cruise Control… How this simple flip of a switch can change your driving experience from one of tension to one of sit back and relax mode.

Setting the ‘Cruise’ mode I relaxed more, I sat back in my seat and I took more around me. With the car adjusting its speed to keep pace, it meant I could get more enjoyment out of my driving experience.

The another thing I discovered while being in cruise mode, was there would be times I had to slow my set speed or increase the speed. As well there were times I had to take off cruise if the traffic wasn’t at a my steady pace of flowing.

Meaning although life can be set on auto pilot there will be times you may be required to slow down or speed up the pace. As well sometimes you have to get in active creative mode to stay on course and avoid any collusions.

I have found there are no accidents really I either have allowed myself to be distracted or have ignored my intuitive guidance when I was flowing.

Being in cruise mode can be relaxing and fun then I can enjoy more of my traveling experience.
And since I know all the world may not be up to speed with me or to keep pace with my destination, adjustments are necessary to stay in my flow.

There will come a time when we all will be enjoying the Power of Cruise Control while keeping pace with the speed of light…. I hear it’s the best way to travel.

For now, I enjoy being in cruise mode and enjoying my experiences along my way.

My cruising vehicle… Love it!!!


Enjoy yours!!!

Much Love and Joy!

Loving My Moment

As today is 1st day of the month of my birth, I thought I’d share with you a bit of the joy that is my life.

I have so much to appreciate and be grateful for.
I feel an amazing amount of joy fill my heart and radiate out as I sit here reflecting on how much I love my life.

Right here and Right now!!!

How does it get any better than this!!!

What else can I appreciate…

Here’s a few ….

Being surround by Family who will always be there…


And of course great Friends to celebrate life with….


Much love and joy to you in your moment of now…


Flirting With Bliss

So what would you do if Bliss came knocking at your door?
Would you let it in or would you run and hide?

Bliss came to visit me last night.

Bliss showed up for me in the form of an old boyfriend and the feelings of the relationship we had once shared, which to me was an awesome connection.
So last night he showed up knocking at my door. There was name display so I knew who was knocking and I opened up and let him right in.
He was looking as fine as ever and with that winning smile.
Bliss was happy that I remembered him and I was so welcoming.
I took him for a tour of my new home all the time wondering how he found me.
He wanted to see it all, all that had changed in my life since I last saw him.

When Bliss showed up, nearly 10yrs prior, although I asked, I wasn’t ready.
I held strongly to my belief, and although it felt so right, I wasn’t gonna get caught-up cause it could be gone in a flash.
I’ve been there done that so the feelings that came with Bliss were uncomfortable even though at times it felt overwhelmingly good.

Once I finished the tour, Bliss and I had a very in-depth conversation, about where I am in my life and what my desires are, all the while the feelings where flooding my entire body,now, felt amazingly hot. I took a deep inner breath as I asked Bliss how he knew where I lived as I had just moved into my new home. He smiles and says, ‘I always kept tabs on you so I always know where you are. ‘
Bliss was ready to get intimate
But I stopped him in his tracks as I clearly stated – ‘You are welcome in my life because I love how I feel and how you enhance my life but you must also be clear of any previous baggage.
I want a consistent all in it kind of relationship, no one night stands and passersby, here one minute gone the next.’

Bliss was vague about whether or not he was still attached, I knew he now had a daughter but I put that aside, as for me, the important thing was he ready and is he was clear to connect with me now.

He looked at me and smile, vague, I opened the door and sent him on his way.

When I awoke from this very telling dream, it was clear that although I sent Bliss away this time, I am in the awareness of my desires and where I am now in my life.
I deserve to be in a great a relationship and I am clear how I want Bliss to participate in my life experience because I enjoy the way Bliss makes me feel and I am good with the feelings.

I love knowing I that I could be in the presence of Bliss without the fear of being overwhelmed stop me.
I welcome its consistency of love, appreciation and gratitude in my life now in a very intimate way.

Bliss – I’m ready for you now
So bring it on!!!

And so it is!!!

For those of you still ‘Flirting with Bliss’, I ask you to reflect on this..

I know Bliss, in its full state, can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when we are only processing it through your 5sensory perception.
When you allow Bliss to flow through all your energy receptors and back out to be shared with all aspects of your Being, you can then begin to allow Bliss to have a permanent place in your life experience…
Breathe it in to your entire Being, savour it on a count of 1, 2, 3 then
out 1, 2, 3
Allow Bliss to flow through you as it’s always with you, without the need to hold on it or control it.
Let it go and let it flow…

May Your Bliss flow with you…

“Let it flow, let it free your body, let it move your soul
Let it flow let it go let it free your body let it move your soul” – Parachute Club

Enjoy your #BlissFilled day

#Bliss #Flow #Energy #Breathe

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