Summer Solstice Appreciation

In honour of the Summer Solstice, I wrote this poem in appreciation and gratitude for all whom I shared my journey with thus far and those still yet to arrive in my experience.

To all my Angels, Teachers, Gurus, Ascended Masters known and unknown

I am now a PowerFilled Creator

When I slipped and fell you extended your hand
You remembered to release me so that I may walk, run and then fly
I know you will always be by my side as my faithful and trusted guides
You have inspired me to be all I can Be
To follow my intuition with ease
To know my truth
To remember to enjoy my youth
And with all that in mind, I fly higher than I have ever been before now being able to experience so much more …
All my love to you who have reminded, to dare not hide embrace all I am…
I now power-up and enjoy my ride !!!


#Summer #Solstice #appreciation #Love #Gratitude #guides

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