Don’t know how to do or get something? Pretend that you do.

Enjoying My Unicorn – “Well Duh” !!! That’s how I do….

Pam Grout

“The body appears to be largely self-motivated and independent, yet it actually responds only to the intentions of the mind.”—A Course in Miracles

I get a lot of emails that start with this phrase: You’re never going to believe this.

Since I experience what some call “weird and miraculous things” on a daily basis, I always believe it. In fact, if you’ve read E-Cubed, you know I wrote a whole chapter about “weird and miraculous things.” It’s called “Well, Duh!”

Yesterday, when being interviewed for an article about visualization for the magazine, Fast Company, the reporter asked me what I say to skeptics. As she pointed out, the majority of her readers fall squarely into that disbelievers category.

While I didn’t say this, I immediately thought of a line Anita Moorjani told me in London. ”Every time I hear that not everybody buys this stuff, I almost fall off…

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Tune in to the frequency of gratitude each morning so the mothership can find you

So #TunedIn #TurnedOn and #Connected to my flow of #fabulous #frequency … Feels awesome

Pam Grout

“What good are all the courses, initiations and headstands if, in the end, the ego does the leading.”—Tosha Silver
amazingly awesome

You wouldn’t go on a date without brushing your teeth.

Or write a resume without adding your phone number.

So why do we persist in starting our days without tuning into the Divine Buzz?

This Divine Buzz, F.P. (take your pick) is a loving force, folks, that wants nothing but to connect with us, to guide us, to bestow upon us every blessing we could possibly think up and a bunch we haven’t even come up with yet.

But instead of tuning in to this ocean of awesomeness, we’re tuned into this other frequency that limits the transmission. Anne Lamott recently wrote about a book signing in Wichita, Kansas where she was, as she describes it, “in whiny baby mode.”

On that transmission, the mothership couldn’t locate her. Couldn’t help her…

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Why “what’s possible” is far more important than “what is”

StarGoddessJuliet’s Blog Goes Viral…. What’s Your #Headline?
#MyBestLife #aligned

Pam Grout

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” ― Gloria Steinem

We have a choice. We can place our attention on “what is” or we can dream of what can be. By placing our attention on new possibilities, we animate a completely different future.

Here are the headlines I’m envisioning for today:

New Ebola cases in Africa fall to zero

U.S. Democrats and Republicans hug it out on the Senate floor

The Middle East celebrate 10 years of peaceful coexistence

Snows return to Kilimanjaro

Pam Grout appears on Super Soul Sunday

Tell me in the comments section below: What’s your new headline?

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is…

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Anatomy of a guilt trip

#IQuit. I really need to repost this today. I’m breathing easy today after putting my health and wellness 1st. Released my #guilt to feel my #peace in every cell of my body. Thanks #PamGrout for my reminder

Pam Grout

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude towards the problem.”—Captain Jack Sparrow

My dysfunction of choice has always been guilt. Maybe you’ve been on the same hamster wheel? The one where you obsessively worry about all the things you could have, should have, why didn’t I? do better.

I wrongly believed that if I beat myself up enough I would become a better person. If I listed all my faults and came up with a plan to improve upon each of them, I would finally get the guy, the financial situation, the (fill in the blank) I so desired.

What I finally came to realize is that guilt (and all its mean girl cousins) is a deterrent to miracles. Each “why didn’t I?” only made the wall between me and my highest good more impenetrable.

As I began to dismantle each shaming thought, to take my…

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Boldly claim your good. The universe is never reluctant to give.

Receiving this day My Daily Bread … Thanks Pam

Pam Grout

Chris Michaels, a handsome and very wise Science of Mind minister, told a great story a few weeks ago.

He explained that when you make an intention (or pray or send out a ‘rocket of desire,’ as LOA students might call it), you must act with authority. You must KNOW that your words and consciousness are powerful.

Remember that bit in the Lord’s Prayer where we say, “Give us this day our daily bread?”

“Our daily bread,” say Chris, “is everything we need to live well and be happy. How bold. How absolutely courageous!!”

Notice that Jesus taught us to command.

He didn’t beg. He didn’t plead. He didn’t even ask. Or say, “Please, pretty, pretty please, God, send me a loaf of pumpernickel.”

Jesus knew his word had power. He knew that when he spoke, his word was activated by a law of energy that only knows how to…

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My Desire to Be Resistance Free – Clear Channels

My notes: My inquiry
Being Resistance Free – Clear Channels
As I am enjoying the clarity of my Wellbeing, I am intrigued by the follow awareness
As I sleep my resistance is released and I breathe easily through both nostrils my running nose stops and my ears feel fine
wow, upon awakening my nose begins running and my right ear feels blocked as I cough up the congestion on my chest.
I would enjoy having more of my same energy flow when I am awake as I when I rest. To enjoy more effortless release of resistance to breathe with easy and completely, to feel clear in my channels of open ears and clearly speak mucus and congestion free.

Note2: Today I hear…
Stop trying so hard to be resistance free…
So as I finish writing the thing about being feeling the resistance now that ‘I’m Awake’, I received the message very clearly….
I got up to go about my day, ms nina came up to get me for her breakfast, I started to cleanup and to get the dishwasher set, I realized that what was coming to me is why should it be any different when I was asleep as to now that I have awakened?
I began to realize the metaphor that spirit was showing me for in my heightened awareness now it should be just as easy and effortless for me to go about doing what I do naturally with the heightened awareness that allows me to be resistance free and it’s as simple as that.
Time to stop trying so hard … Upon my awareness … My breathing cleared and my right began to open up.
I have always used the Universal Laws, I’ve always received exactly what I’ve asked for even when I wasn’t full awakened to what I was doing.
So now that I am awake, aware and very clear about my desires, my thoughts should always be it’s done because it is.
My resistance came from the pushing, tugging and trying make it happen.

I had a cheque show up yesterday, 3 days early, it was awesome because I wanted it but I didn’t try to make it happen. It just did and I know it was my underlying desire in the end but I was also ok with it arriving when office told me it would.
I noticed all week with work stuff as long as I was in allowing mode and clear about what I desired, it showed up, it got done and it was all easy and effortless.
Time relax and do me more of flows naturally and effortlessly for me. My universe will always show me the most effortless ways to receive it all.

Note3: My Understanding now…
My wellbeing is resistance free. All my channel of energy flow are clear.
I breathe with ease
I hear with clarity
I know my desires and my vibration are in complete alignment
My life is as effortless as I desire the more I allow my universe to flow.

Thanks for the loving reminder.

Much Love and Joy

Today’s Inner-sight – Understanding Momentum

Understanding Momentum

I had an interesting understanding happen to me today with regards to momentum and it was during my morning commute to work….

I have a better control of my vehicle when I’m inside the vehicle as the driver
When I’m in the driver seat of the vehicle, I can direct and control the momentum.
I can steer, brake, speed up, go in a whole new direction or simply stop.

When you’re operating outside the vehicle, it’s best for you to get out of the way because it’s none of your business and the car will run you over.

I am remind that it’s an inside job.
Best to be one with my own vehicle it is my most powerful place to be. What others are doing with their own vehicle is none of my business.

I can handle that. “In the driver seat of my life”

Much Love and Joy


Experience vs Drama or Peace vs Boredom

Can I live my life in my ‘Highest Excitement’ enjoying my experiences without the requirement of #Drama?

And can I still enjoy my life in a state of ‘Peace and Harmony’ without boredom creeping in?

I say YES to to both question. I now have a clear knowing and understanding that being the deliberate creator of my life affords me to experience the #Bliss of my life without getting bored or creating drama to experience the joy in my everyday.

My previous beliefs were…
‘Without pain there’s no gain’
Without sorrow and suffering I won’t appreciate the joys of peace.
Without lost I won’t understand gain.
Hard work returns great rewards.

Yes these are valid ways to learn what I don’t want ….
But and it’s a big B U T


What if from the onset of my creations I created joy, peace, harmony, bliss on all levels?

Would my appreciation be less by being in the consistent experience of Excitement and Peace?

My understanding now is that I am coming into a new awareness of the appreciation of where my focus is while being in my experience of what it is… making Drama and Boredom unnecessary factors in my life experience.

The truth is appreciation of the joy, love, peace, excitement and bliss I’m feeling in each moment, leaves little room for other energies to enter my experience.

Choosing better or creating what’s best can be born from a desire for an experience or  feeling of exploration… That’s how pain came into our knowing. It’s just as easy to make it all go away the same way it came.

Appreciating my knowing and the love that flows in my every day.

Much Love and Joy

Feel Good Wednesday

#FeelGoodWednesday is where it’s at for me
I hope you are having a great week.

Listen below to get your groove going

Juliet Francis

Time to give up the ‘Hump’ and shift into ‘Feel Good Wednesday‘.

When you start your week right by choosing to be Happy, then Lighten it up on Tuesday…

You are now ready to continue your flow by going straight to Feeling Good on Wednesday.

Image how great your day will flow and the rest of the week when you decide to Feel Good… Leave the complaints and whining behind. It maybe snowing but that too shall soon be done. For some you may have been gifted with a snow day so enjoy.

Today’s video is a little throw-back song that was playing in my head this morning so I thought I’d share

I’ve changed the words in my version to match my state of being….
“All Life Long … Feel Good to Feel Good”

‘Lighten up and have some fun. Lay down your work is…

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