Free to Be…

Free to Be – Kis Living

What if I always knew who I was meant to be…

I hid my light so that others could not see

What if for today I set myself free, allowed my light to shine so I can see how beautiful my world truly be.

Free to Be…

Simply and magnificent me.

Check out this video from Anita Moorjani – Set the Angel Free

Just go for it!

When the inspiration moves you, it’s time to say YES!

Now is always an opportunity to do something better than I did yesterday. 

Do something new I have been waiting to try. 

I’ve been focused on how best I’d like to share my insights, inspiration and general knowings. Well today I heard,  “Just go for it!”. 

Inspiration is flowing today after spending all day yesterday with my powerful goddess friends. Even with each of us having our own insecurities, we all managed to inspire and guide one another into our own self-awareness moments of clarity. 

Just go for it!, today, means I am allowing my inspiration to continue to flow. The sharing of my thoughts and insight, first helps me to release energy that wants to flow through me, and secondly assist anyone else who may need to hear my exact words. 

#JustGoForIt, to me, is better than a leap of faith, as I’m in a place of trusting that I’m honouring me and then the rest with flow. It’s a better feeling to be without fear of falling and failing.  It’s is about doing what inspires me,  what moves me and what makes my heart sing. 🎼

I trust you will choose to do what #inspiresyou, #movesyou and makes your feel like it time to #JustGoForIt .

Much Love and blessing to you…

#ShareSomethingGood – StarGoddessJuliet

Turn it Around Tuesday – Lighten Up

For many in my area of the planet, it seems this long some-what cold winter may have gotten you down.

Time to ‘Turn it Around’ …. have some fun in your day to melt your winter blahs away.

It’s easier than you think to take the road less traveled and have a laugh or two…

Tuesday Fun …



Share the fun … I invite you to walk-up to someone today and say


LOL …. Ok …. Maybe your not ready for this one….

It’s good to know life can be like that… I”m still laughing…

Enjoy your day!!!

Love x Infinity ….



Feel the Vybz Thursday

I awoke this morning feeling a surge of energy flowing through my body that made me want to reach out and touch my world.

After doing my morning routine of deep breathing, connecting in to my energy, I sent my excess energy out into my world to share my good Vybz. I started hearing this song playing in my head… So I thought I would share some more…



Then I saw the another high-flying energy video … I now feel like I’ve done my workout for the day.


Have some fun today….

Enjoy yours…

Much Love and Joy


Happy Vybz Monday

How are you vibrating this morning?
Are you tuned into your force of inspiration?

Here’s my mantras to boost my energy today….

I am my path of least resistance
I open to allowing my best day yet
It’s natural for me to have a magical day
I look forward to the fun ways the
my universal support team will make it so….
I let the universal source line it all up as I walk in alignment to my asking..

My Vybz poem….
I am vybing high today in tune with my natural state of being
I am vybing in alignment to my source of WellBeing
I am vybing with the truth of who I am
I am vybing with ease and grace
I am vybing with my creation my asking my receiving
I am vybing with its already done
I am vybing love and joy to all

Enjoy your day!!!

Working with My Master Chef

I want to elaborate on the post of earlier today of ‘New Year New Moon New You’

I wanted to make sure to clarify that when you’re working with your master chef, you have a master chef ready to prepare for you the most tasty dishes you desire and some maybe waiting for you to enjoy.

He will sometimes surprise you with his creative flair but it’s also great to ask him for things that you would love to taste and I think that’s the part that my spirit was showing me in the dream.

Yes there were some delicious dishes that were being prepared for me in advance but what happens when I start ordering from the menu what I’d like to taste and then allow the brilliant and talented master-chef to add his finishing touches and do what he does best.

My perspective is sometimes it’s great to have a meal prepared for me but it’s equally as nice to ask for salmon when I feel my taste buds are wanting salmon and allow my master-chef to add his finishing flare and that way I get to benefit from both aspects, my desire and his wonderful creative flare.

I’m enjoying my understanding of the benefits of being in a collaborative partnership with my GodSource.

The better I know my desires the better my master-chef can prepare more of what I like and enjoy.

It’s a win/win/win scenario.

Much Love and Joy to all


We have created so many other things to set free like fat-free, sugar-free now gluten-free.
The only freeing that is required is to set your soul free.
Time to be Soulfree so that you no longer need to use substitutes to be free.
Discover ways to free yourself everyday in every way to allow peace and harmony to enter your life.

#Bornfree to #BeFree #SoulFree

Flirting With Bliss

So what would you do if Bliss came knocking at your door?
Would you let it in or would you run and hide?

Bliss came to visit me last night.

Bliss showed up for me in the form of an old boyfriend and the feelings of the relationship we had once shared, which to me was an awesome connection.
So last night he showed up knocking at my door. There was name display so I knew who was knocking and I opened up and let him right in.
He was looking as fine as ever and with that winning smile.
Bliss was happy that I remembered him and I was so welcoming.
I took him for a tour of my new home all the time wondering how he found me.
He wanted to see it all, all that had changed in my life since I last saw him.

When Bliss showed up, nearly 10yrs prior, although I asked, I wasn’t ready.
I held strongly to my belief, and although it felt so right, I wasn’t gonna get caught-up cause it could be gone in a flash.
I’ve been there done that so the feelings that came with Bliss were uncomfortable even though at times it felt overwhelmingly good.

Once I finished the tour, Bliss and I had a very in-depth conversation, about where I am in my life and what my desires are, all the while the feelings where flooding my entire body,now, felt amazingly hot. I took a deep inner breath as I asked Bliss how he knew where I lived as I had just moved into my new home. He smiles and says, ‘I always kept tabs on you so I always know where you are. ‘
Bliss was ready to get intimate
But I stopped him in his tracks as I clearly stated – ‘You are welcome in my life because I love how I feel and how you enhance my life but you must also be clear of any previous baggage.
I want a consistent all in it kind of relationship, no one night stands and passersby, here one minute gone the next.’

Bliss was vague about whether or not he was still attached, I knew he now had a daughter but I put that aside, as for me, the important thing was he ready and is he was clear to connect with me now.

He looked at me and smile, vague, I opened the door and sent him on his way.

When I awoke from this very telling dream, it was clear that although I sent Bliss away this time, I am in the awareness of my desires and where I am now in my life.
I deserve to be in a great a relationship and I am clear how I want Bliss to participate in my life experience because I enjoy the way Bliss makes me feel and I am good with the feelings.

I love knowing I that I could be in the presence of Bliss without the fear of being overwhelmed stop me.
I welcome its consistency of love, appreciation and gratitude in my life now in a very intimate way.

Bliss – I’m ready for you now
So bring it on!!!

And so it is!!!

For those of you still ‘Flirting with Bliss’, I ask you to reflect on this..

I know Bliss, in its full state, can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when we are only processing it through your 5sensory perception.
When you allow Bliss to flow through all your energy receptors and back out to be shared with all aspects of your Being, you can then begin to allow Bliss to have a permanent place in your life experience…
Breathe it in to your entire Being, savour it on a count of 1, 2, 3 then
out 1, 2, 3
Allow Bliss to flow through you as it’s always with you, without the need to hold on it or control it.
Let it go and let it flow…

May Your Bliss flow with you…

“Let it flow, let it free your body, let it move your soul
Let it flow let it go let it free your body let it move your soul” – Parachute Club

Enjoy your #BlissFilled day

#Bliss #Flow #Energy #Breathe

Changing of the Guards – 2013

Today’s information flow…

There has definitely been a changing of the guards taken place this past week.

We are now in “Heart Centred Living” era, the mind and heart will join together now and work as one.

Ego has been transformed/reformed into a new Love 1st Being. Beyond death.

It is the truth we have asked to live. I’ve been told to remind everyone this is from our asking. Even though we may not feel ready, it’s time for soul-self to lead the way into a better way of living and being.
The waiting is over – it’s done lets move on into this new flow.

The less you resist this changing of the guards the easier and more effortless your flow will be.

It’s been promised to us from the beginning of time (3D).
Lets begin enjoying it.

#HeartCentredLiving #Love #Unconditional, #Effortless #Flow #Now #Source

Harm to none
Benefit to all!!

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