Hello world!

Who Am I?

Juliet Francis - BE Excellence Expert

I AM Juliet Francis and welcome to my world.

Here’s what you need to know about me:

I AM….love, light, joy, peace, happiness, prosperity and abundance

 I AM… an ever transforming being of beauty that is a cameleon who adepts easily to whatever environment I am placed.

I AM.. a goddess, magician, sorceress, wizard, scientist and creator.

I AM… wife, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, warrior, evangelist, preacher, teacher and none of the above.

I AM… neither black, brown, white, yellow

I AM… a Being of light shining bright

 I AM…. all that I seek

I AM… all seeing, all knowing and yet nothing and everything rolled into one.

I AM… one with all there is and nothing more.

Who Am I ?     and most importantly     Who Are You?

Take time to ponder and mediate on this question. Your role does not define you nor does your job make you. You are an ever transforming, evolving being here to remember all that you are and not.

Enjoy your journey

Juliet Francis

daughter, mother, sister, teacher, inspiration, teacher, Being of light that is ever changing

Loving my journey

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