Success vs Failure

What is considered a Success and What is a Failure ?

Last night at a meeting of the minds, we got into a discussion on “Success vs Failure” and the negative connotations we have been programmed to believe around “Failure” as our ultimate demise if we do not achieve our dreams.

Let’s examine the current definitions of Success and Failure:

Failure by dictionary definition means: “The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends”

Success by dictionary definition means: “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted:”

Is too much emphasis placed on the word “Failure” ?

Is it not important to attempt to succeed to know if you can achieve your desired results?

To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the success (end result) you desire is indeed the result you desire.

My teenaged son quite eloquently reminded me a few days ago that we give meaning to the words and the meaning they (teenagers) give  a word is not necessarily the same as we (adults ) give to the words…so we need to relax (chill-out) a bit more…

I believe “Failure” means – Figure another way to accomplish your end goal

“Success” means = You have finally figured out a way to accomplish your end goal

Each has the results of teaching you what you like and don’t … How to grow and do better.

And how to truly get what you desire….

The only time you are not accomplishing one of the two is in death… but then again… “Death” is a successful completion of your life-cycle… Or do you consider it a  “Failure” because you cease to exist here in this earthly time-zone….

Either way, You have accomplished something….

Last night we reached the conclusion that we need to look more positively at our “Failures” as our empowered steps in the direction of our ultimate Success.

My new definition – “Failure” is our  successful attempts at achieving our desired end result.

What are your perspectives on this topic?

Is your life a series of Successes or Failures….

I have had a multitude of both and they have made me enjoy my life’s journey all the more…

Living my dreams right in the here and now.

Much Love

Juliet Francis

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