3 Simple Steps to Mastery

How do you become the master in your life?

Would you love to become more aware to empower your choice to create the life you desire?

Well I have 3 Simple Steps to Mastery that can help you today.

STEP 1) Awareness

Just Stop and Breathe

If you are doing something right now that does not feel right, look right or even smells right. Stop it Now!

It’s time for you to examine why it doesn’t feel right to you and decide if it aligns to your authentic-self

Really just take a moment, Stop, take a few deep cleansing breaths and ask yourself why you are feeling, acting or receiving a particular reaction in you life.

If you don’t take the time to connect with “Self” you miss out on the messages it’s trying to give you to make your life easy, happy and peace-filled.

You are now giving yourself an Adult Time-out…  The same way you ask a child to adjust their behaviour to get a different result, you need to do this for yourself to figure out why you’re anger, upset, fearful, or even why your happen.

Your awareness of self allows you to easily choose what’s right for you in each moment.

If you do this consistently throughout your day when something is not going the way you planned, you will begin to see a pattern that you can now shift and change to what you desire.

Stop and check in with yourself!

STEP 2) Empowering Your beliefs

Empowering your belief  is the next powerful step that you can take to have mastery in your life.

If you desire a joy-filled peaceful loving abundant prosperous  life you must believe that you can indeed have it.

Now I must warn you – From the time you were born you have been programmed with many false beliefs and programs of who you are  and you are not. It is important to remember that these are other perceptions and not your truth.

Here are there standard ones –

– You must work hard to make it in this world

– Money doesn’t grow on trees

– You need to go to a reputable school to get a good education

1) If you choose to do what you love then the work no longer has the perception of being hard.- but if you are working at something you don’t love or enjoy for that matter then you perception is that you have to work hard at it.

2) This one always makes me laugh –  90% of all  money currency is made from paper (trees)

3) There many successful millionaires who have gain their education from the school of life to gain their success. – Bob Proctor, Donald Trump to name two

I’m not saying that working hard is not valid or getting an education through the schools system for some is optimal but you must also open up your awareness to the many ways that the universe grants you your opportunities to get what you truly desire with ease.

If the belief is not working for you, causing you misery or pain… then why are you choosing to believe in the lie.

The key is to consistently take the action in step 1 to become aware of who you real are so that when you have a desire for something in your life it is authenticated as your truth and with your empowered belief (passion) to make it become your reality.

Remember there are two sides to every coin and you must ensure what you are requesting truly matches to who you are so you remain in integrity with you belief.

For many years you have believed you have to be a certain way do a certain thing and act a certain way for the things you desire to be given unto you. What if you knew that none of this was true and you know have the opportunity to shift it to create the life you desire.

It clearly states in the Bible Ask and is shall be Given Unto You – it doesn`t say beg, borrow or steal to get it. It just says to ask.

And when you have the 1st step of Awareness down – Truth of who you are…. You will clearly be aware of what it is you desire….You will hear, see and know that what you Ask, Pray, Request has been indeed given unto you. This process empowers your Belief and you then naturally amp your Trust and Faith in what you desire which makes the next step simple…

STEP 3)  Now – Repeat these 3 Words to yourself – It’s that Simple

Do those 3 words even click for you – It’s that Simple!  again because of old programs and beliefs the 1st two steps might seem not only foreign to most of you but that fact that it`s real only two-steps you maybe saying it could not possibly be that simple.

Well I’d like for you to say it to yourself again…. It’s that Simple!  it truly is…

Here are my examples :  I desired a nice neighbourhood to raise my son which would be an easy commute to work.  With only 1st and last month`s rent at my disposal….I asked for what I desired for myself and my son in 1st week of August 2000…. Two weeks later….I bought a 3 bedroom townhouse with no money down and  in two weeks after that I was moved in for my son to start school in September.

In 2007,  I double my income working fewer hours to bring me to a full 6 figure income in less than three months after being reminded that it was that simple. I asked in February and the offer came in May. – I say yes to awareness

In late 2009 I decided it was time for me to have a vehicle in February 2010 I bought my 1st luxury vehicle after seeing an ad in the paper and telling a friend that I was going to buy my Cadillac today if she wanted to come check it out with me… My friend is still amazed that I did as I never once made my circumstances stop me from achieving my desire. Once I have the belief and the passion behind it, I am good to go and it’s a done deal.

It’s now a natural part of who I am daily if something comes up that I desire, I make a decision and allow the rest to happen. I hear the next steps with ease and make it happen. It’s that simple.

You don’t have to take my word for it.  Ask the lady who consistently wins contest that they have now name her the contest queen.

Your choice now is to decide what do you desire…

You can continue with life with the lies and the beliefs that are working for you know.


You can choice a life of simplicity, easy, graceful flow of love, joy and prosperity?

Just try this process for one week consistently and when you have the old doubts come flooding back .. cause you will, you have been programmed for far too long, when you do step one and two… You say to yourself… It’s that Simple! then allow your next step to be revealed to you. This now allows the trust and faith behind your action step become a breeze for you to do.

Your choices become easier and your thought patterns freeing to hear  or see the clear positive messages that lead you to your end result.

Master of your world –

Now I love that my life is this easy after practicing these steps consistently… If you would like to learn what I learnt and to achieve this level of Pure Magic (Mastery) in your life then register today for my upcoming workshops  for March 2011 where you will learn to truly gain this level of mastery in your life.

Enjoy Your Journey

Juliet Francis

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