The Art of Gratitude

This posting is long overdue for me to write….. The Art of Gratitude …. this is where your blessings come

I’ve had a lot of interesting events happen over the past 6-8 weeks and each one of them has had me honouring my moments with gratitude.

Being in a state of gratitude has always been a part of what I do, but as things become seeming more difficult or  you go through a state of transition where the world seems to be questioning what you do and how you do… Gratitude for everything you are, do, see and feel becomes even more important.

I have ventured into a brave new world that many will not understand or even comprehend but I know it’s my truth and my wish is for others to know their truth as well. What may seem abnormal to some is the new normal for me.

My new leap-of-faith as brought me to moments of gratitude for my journey, how far I’ve come from 1 year ago or even 6 months ago. I’ve been on this path for years now and I’m not even sure the exact moment that has pushed this amazing transition I feel inside but I love that I now live in the moment without regrets.

I look back on the journey in a state of awe and wonder… sometimes wondering how come I didn’t have this understanding before but knowing it is all part of the plan.

I have a new Love for the air I breathe in each moment, for the silly things said by people who make me laugh, for my ability to walk and talk, for my exceptional great health, the amazing smell of a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, the sweet aroma of the spring flowers, my boys still wanting hugs from their momz, friends who care enough to tell you the truth and still have your back and most importantly the peace that reigns deep inside my soul. Priceless…… Plus the moments of feeling deep love or joy for absolutely no reason.

I live in a state of gratitude for it all. My list is endless and it expands in each moment.

Gratitude come also from forgiving yourself 1st before you can allow or expect others to forgive you.

I may not have all the answers to all of life’s pressing questions, but I know if I ask for my truth, I will be shown exactly what I need to know in each moment.

This state of gratitude lead me to a place of  Trust and Faith I never knew I had or had access to…. I thought it was for monks or those who take priestly vows or discovered by deep sates of meditation.

I am happy to have discovered it  or remembered it for myself and I now share my experience with those around me.  You may not know the entire plan for your life but know that in each moment you can choose better. Be grateful for where you are and know that you can make a decision to choose better.

As long as your still breathing you have a choice in how you can do it better and choose Gratitude for where you are right now in this moment and breathe it in with thanksgiving.

All My Love and Blessings:

Star Goddess “Juliet”

View one of my favourite videos below as it reminds us to make the best choices always….

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