The Positive Results is in the Decision:

Your Postive Results show up in your life by the decision you make.

Now you all know and understand that you have a choice on how your life plays out in front of you.

If you don’t know – Please know now that it’s up to you to consciously choose what happens in your life and what things you bring into your awareness.

But I want to take it a step future ….  You See … You all can choose to live better lives than you are living right now……. then what happens?

Sometimes nothing happens. You make the choice but the choice has to be empowered by the decisions that come after making the choice.

For example: I choose to share my world here with you…. my thoughts and processes to empowering your world.

Now if I made the choice but if I decide not to post or a block information I share,  it is not congruent with the choice I made.

Or – I choose to live a loving, joyfilled, prosperous fun lifestyle…. so all my decisions I make now reflect the choice I made to be loving and joyfilled. Oh and definitely fun…. What’s life without some fun.

The Point I’m making is if you make a choice …. then the empowerment of your choice comes from all future decisions you make

Choice is the Thought process  – How do I want to be, live, etc

Decision is the Action in the process – What will I do to honour my choice?

It’s in the Decision step that brings you the results you desire.

If you Choose to live your life with love then you must  Decide to release judgement and forgive yourself and others. Let go of messy and stay easy and light. This is where the results show up with ease.

If you Choose to be in your power then Decide you are going to say YES to the things that empowers you and release the need to have excessive demands of your time. This is where you find all the time in the world to do what you Love….

If you Choose to be in a Leader then Decide to walk tall when the going seemingly to be tough or you may feel like your out there on your own. Leaders are the ones who forge new ground and create possibilities for all to enjoy.

Your results will fall short if you decide to stand still and not make a decision at all… Your decision is the Action step required to move your desires closer to you and produce the results you need.

Here’s what I’m will share and empower you with today…..

Once you have chosen your path, goal or vision…. Always ask yourself the following questions to ensure your decision brings about Positive Action (Right Action) for the results you desire….

First and most important question…….. is my choice in alignment to how I envision my life or desires…. This is where you check-in with yourself to see if you have chosen the right goal vision or lifestyle at the beginning.  If you get a YES  then proceed …..

Will my decision (Action) keep me on my path or inline with my goal or vision?

Will my decision empower my choice?

Will my decision be step towards my results? – you don’t have to know the full outcome just take a step in the right direction to allow the things you desire to show up.

Will my lack of decision achieve the results I desire? – Lack of action is a decision to the Universe that you really don’t want what you originally asked for.

If you decide to alter your choice always make sure you choosing from your heart-centre as fear is also a choice that will hold you back from the life you truly desire. Life can be like the roller-coaster climbs are stead and sure the dips can leave your feeling a bit nauseous and out of control but the journey itself is exhilarating.

Remember your positive results will be in how you decide (right action) to move forward with your choice and please remember you always have a choice and once you make that choice just allow yourself to empower it by your decisions.

To learn more about how to receive positive  results visit…. Intuitive Wellness  Learn how to get your authentic answers by knowing your truth. Learn how to choose what right for you and make empowering decision in alignment to your choices.

Much Love and Blessings to all…..

Juliet Francis

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