My Time is Now

Wow… as they same time sure flys when you’re having fun.

So much has been happening for me learning, growing, understanding how this lovely universe of ours works while still focusing on maintaining my balance, peace and harmony.

I’ll let you know now….  I was sometimes very successful at achieving the harmony that I desired, other times, Ahhh – I just wanted to scream and say “Why me God” “Why now?” and the ever popular ” I give up!!!”

When you are asking for change, big or small, you must always remember there will be an adjustment period as your “Mind, Body, Spirit” aligns all the beautiful pieces to make it manifest in you reality.

You are sometimes required to slow down, take it easy, rest your body and allow all the information (dust) to settle and clear. This is the surrender part or the “Let go and Let God” part.

You may even be asked to go out and have some fun and forget the millions of time-lines and deadlines you have imposed upon yourself. But it’s all good…. through the process and in the end you will eventually wake-up to become more aware of the whys, the hows, the whens and your statements will be more like “that make sense”, “I guess I didn’t see it that way before”.

But more over you must be ready, willing and able to accept the change that is coming when you ask and allow the wonderful universe to work its magic as it does it so wonderfully.

So just to give you a little back-ground on my changes since I last wrote a blog :

I turned down a $85,000 a year, corporate manager role, only to be unemployed for 2 months – my family and some friends thought that I may have lost my mind – I’ll share with you how I have over-come the impression that I may have lost my mind.

Both my boys are now living on their own – the youngest is “only 17” and I admit I had a moment or two – I’ll share that story here  later this week

I’ve had some other spiritual awakenings about who I am and why I’m here and how the above fits into the grand scheme of things.

And my process I’ve committed to staying aligned to my joy-filled purpose – one being the  “trust in spirit” which has transformed my appearance and how I’ve gained true faith in allowing my visions to manifest.

It’s only August but I feel and I have witnessed a life-time of events in a little over half a year that shows me that when the heart is willing the heavens will open up and allow you to create your piece of heaven on earth.

God Bless – Much Love and gratitude to you all

Juliet Francis – “StarGoddess”

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